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IR153 YEC, YNV-C02, PK070018510, PK070005U00 Inverter


  • Model: IR153 YEC, YNV-C02, PK070005U00
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1kgs
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  • Manufactured by: YEC

Condition / Durumu: New
Product / Urun:


Detials / Detay:

MITAC PWA-TF041, P/N: 316800000065_R0A, DA-1A08-C003A, PK070007U00, 541380001003,541380001001, PK070006S0, SPS: 441628-001

Can be used to replace:
YNV-C02 PK070018510 PK070005U00 6001709L-E 383669-001 15.4"
MITAC PWA-TF041, P/N: 316800000065_R0A, DA-1A08-C003A, PK070007U00, 541380001003,541380001001, PK070006S0

HP ZX5000  
COMPAQ R3000 Gateway 6510GZ 6531GZ MP6954
Acer Travelmate 2700 HP Compaq NX7010
HP Pavilion ZV5000 HP Compaq NX9110

Aspire 1672WLMI

Pavilion dv5212TX RB740PA

Aspire 2000 Series

Pavilion dv5213TX RB741PA

Compaq nx7000 Series

Pavilion dv5214TX RB742PA

Compaq nx7010 Series

Pavilion dv5215CA EZ539UA

Compaq nx9110 Series

Pavilion dv5215TX RB743PA

Pavilion dv5000 EJ517AVR

Pavilion dv5215US EZ535UA

Pavilion dv5000 Series

Pavilion dv5216TX RB744PA

Pavilion dv5001xx EP971AS

Pavilion dv5217CL EZ524UA

Pavilion dv5017cl ES312UA

Pavilion dv5217TX RB750PA

Pavilion dv5020us EP411UAR

Pavilion dv5218ea RG003EA

Pavilion dv5040us EP413UAR

Pavilion dv5218NR EZ416UA

Pavilion dv5100 EM836AVR

Pavilion dv5218TX RB757PA

Pavilion dv5100 Series

Pavilion dv5219TX RB758PA

Pavilion dv5102TU EV834PA

Pavilion dv5220TX RB759PA

Pavilion dv5104TU EV836PA

Pavilion dv5221TX RB760PA

Pavilion dv5105TU EV837PA

Pavilion dv5222NR EZ548UA

Pavilion dv5106TX EU579PA

Pavilion dv5222TX RB761PA

Pavilion dv5107TX EU580PA

Pavilion dv5223TX RB762PA

Pavilion dv5108TX EU581PA

Pavilion dv5224ea RG007EA

Pavilion dv5109TX EU582PA

Pavilion dv5224TX RB763PA

Pavilion dv5110CA ET811UAR

Pavilion dv5225ea RE296EA

Pavilion dv5110TX EU583PA

Pavilion dv5225TX RB764PA

Pavilion dv5110US ET804UAR

Pavilion dv5226ea RE303EA

Pavilion dv5111TX EV821PA

Pavilion dv5226TX RD452PA

Pavilion dv5112TX EV822PA

Pavilion dv5227TX RD516PA

Pavilion dv5113TX EU555PA

Pavilion dv5228TX RD517PA

Pavilion dv5115NR ET816UAR

Pavilion dv5229OM EZ529UA

Pavilion dv5116NR EX692UA

Pavilion dv5229TX RD518PA

Pavilion dv5116TX EV892PA

Pavilion dv5229US EZ417UA

Pavilion dv5117CL ET800UAR

Pavilion dv5230TX RD592PA

Pavilion dv5117TX EV893PA

Pavilion dv5231TX RD532PA

Pavilion dv5118TX EV899PA

Pavilion dv5232TX RD568PA

Pavilion dv5120ea EZ171EA

Pavilion dv5233ea RG950EA

Pavilion dv5120LA EX001LA

Pavilion dv5233TX RD564PA

Pavilion dv5120TX EV835PA

Pavilion dv5234ea RG947EA

Pavilion dv5120US ET805UAR

Pavilion dv5235CA EZ412UA

Pavilion dv5121ea EZ170EA

Pavilion dv5235ea RE291EA

Pavilion dv5122ea EW777EA

Pavilion dv5235TX RD934PA

Pavilion dv5123ea EW774EA

Pavilion dv5236ea RG946EA

Pavilion dv5123TX EV838PA

Pavilion dv5236TX RD952PA

Pavilion dv5124TX EV839PA

Pavilion dv5237CA EZ422UA

Pavilion dv5125TX EV840PA

Pavilion dv5237CL EZ406UA

Pavilion dv5126ea RC412EA

Pavilion dv5237ea RG006EA

Pavilion dv5126TX EV841PA

Pavilion dv5237TX RD967PA

Pavilion dv5127ea RC410EA

Pavilion dv5240ea RE289EA

Pavilion dv5127TX EV842PA

Pavilion dv5240US EZ414UA

Pavilion dv5128ea RC411EA

Pavilion dv5241ea RG009EA

Pavilion dv5128TX EX040PA

Pavilion dv5242ea RF991EA

Pavilion dv5129TX EX041PA

Pavilion dv5243ea RG004EA

Pavilion dv5129US EX691UAR

Pavilion dv5244ea RG005EA

Pavilion dv5130ea EZ185EAR

Pavilion dv5245ea RE294EA

Pavilion dv5130US ET806UAR

Pavilion dv5247ea RG949EA

Pavilion dv5131TX RD465PA

Pavilion dv5248ea RE300EA

Pavilion dv5132TX RD466PA

Pavilion dv5249ea RG936EA

Pavilion dv5133ea EZ187EAR

Pavilion dv5250CA EZ410UA

Pavilion dv5137ea RC407EAR

Pavilion dv5250ea RG948EA

Pavilion dv5139US ET818UA

Pavilion dv5261ea RG939EA

Pavilion dv5140CA ET814UAR

Pavilion dv5264ea RG940EA

Pavilion dv5140ea EW786EA

Pavilion dv5266ea RG951EA

Pavilion dv5142ea EZ174EA

Pavilion dv5267ea RG942EA

Pavilion dv5143ea EZ173EA

Pavilion dv5274ea RE305EA

Pavilion dv5144ea EZ172EA

Pavilion dv5275ea RE306EA

Pavilion dv5145ea EW770EA

Pavilion dv5276ea RE307EA

Pavilion dv5147ea EW785EA

Pavilion dv5277ea RG944EA

Pavilion dv5148ea EW788EAR

Pavilion dv5280ea RG002EA

Pavilion dv5149ea EW783EA

Pavilion dv5282ea RE297EA

Pavilion dv5150ea EW779EA

Pavilion dv5284ea RG008EA

Pavilion dv5156ea EZ188EA

Pavilion dv5285ea RE287EA

Pavilion dv5157ea EW775EA

Pavilion dv5287ea RE292EA

Pavilion dv5158ea RC409EA

Pavilion dv5289ea RG945EA

Pavilion dv5159ea EZ181EA

Pavilion dv5292ea RF988EA

Pavilion dv5160ea EW784EA

Pavilion dv5293ea RF989EA

Pavilion dv5161ea RC408EAR

Pavilion dv5294ea RF998EA

Pavilion dv5162ea EZ182EA

Pavilion dv5295ea RF992EA

Pavilion dv5164ea EW778EA

Pavilion dv5296ea RG941EA

Pavilion dv5165ea EW771EA

Pavilion dv5298ea RE293EA

Pavilion dv5166ea EW772EA

Pavilion zt3000 Series

Pavilion dv5167CL ET770UAR

Pavilion zt3033AP

Pavilion dv5170US ET772UAR

Pavilion zv6000 Series

Pavilion dv5173ea EW769EA

Pavilion zv6100 Series

Pavilion dv5175ea EZ186EA

Pavilion zv6200 Series

Pavilion dv5176ea EW781EA

Presario C300 Series

Pavilion dv5177ea EZ180EA

Presario C500 Series

Pavilion dv5178ea EZ179EA

Presario R4000 Series

Pavilion dv5179ea EZ178EA

Presario R4100 Series

Pavilion dv5180ea RC413EAR

Presario V5000 EE394AVR

Pavilion dv5184ea EZ184EAR

Presario V5000 EE311AVR

Pavilion dv5188ea RC414EAR

Presario V5000 Series

Pavilion dv5190ea EW787EA

Presario V5000T EE869AV

Pavilion dv5190US ET773UAR

Presario V5005CA ES316UA

Pavilion dv5191ea EZ177EAR

Presario V5015CA EP426UAR

Pavilion dv5192ea EZ176EA

Presario V5015US EP422UAR

Pavilion dv5193ea EZ175EA

Presario V5099XX EP970AS

Pavilion dv5194ea EW789EA

Presario V5100 EM837AVR

Pavilion dv5195ea RC406EAR

Presario V5100Z ES188AVR

Pavilion dv5196ea EW776EA

Presario V5101US ET820UAR

Pavilion dv5197ea EW773EA

Presario V5105CA ET827UAR

Pavilion dv5197xx ES934AS

Presario V5105US ET821UAR

Pavilion dv5198ea EW780EA

Presario V5108CU EX706UAR

Pavilion dv5200 EM708AV

Presario V5115CA EX708UAR

Pavilion dv5200 Series

Presario V5115US ET822UAR

Pavilion dv5200TU EX104PA

Presario V5119US ET828UAR

Pavilion dv5200TX EX103PA

Presario V5120NR ET826UAR

Pavilion dv5201TU RD529PA

Presario V5160US ET823UAR

Pavilion dv5201TU RD590PA

Presario V5189XX ET716AS

Pavilion dv5201TX EX114PA

Presario V5199XX ES937AS

Pavilion dv5202TU RD530PA

Presario V5200 EM711AV

Pavilion dv5202TX EX115PA

Presario V5200 EX228AV

Pavilion dv5203ea RE295EA

Presario V5201CA EZ563UAR

Pavilion dv5203TU RD531PA

Presario V5201US EZ552UA

Pavilion dv5203TX RB682PA

Presario V5204NR EZ429UA

Pavilion dv5204ea RE301EA

Presario V5205NR EZ431UA

Pavilion dv5204TU RD563PA

Presario V5206OM EZ564UA

Pavilion dv5204TX RB683PA

Presario V5207NR EZ430UA

Pavilion dv5205ea RE288EA

Presario V5208CA EZ565UA

Pavilion dv5205TU RD586PA

Presario V5209TU EX111PA

Pavilion dv5205TX RB687PA

Presario V5209US EZ427UA

Pavilion dv5206TU RD966PA

Presario V5210CA EZ562UAR

Pavilion dv5206TX RB688PA

Presario V5210US EZ553UA

Pavilion dv5207TX RB689PA

Presario V5214ea RE308EA

Pavilion dv5208TX RB690PA

Presario V5215EA RE314EA

Pavilion dv5209TX RB691PA

Presario V5216EA RE316EA

Pavilion dv5210CA EZ545UA

Presario V5233EA RE312EA

Pavilion dv5210TX RB692PA

Presario V5234EA RE313EA

Pavilion dv5210US EZ536UA

Presario V5235EA RE309EA

Pavilion dv5211TX RB739PA

Presario V5236EA RE311EA

Pavilion dv5212ea RG943EA

Presario X1000 Series

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